As a firearms collector and shooter with over thirty years experience I set up Pukka Bundhooks in 2009 to help share my enthusiasm with like minded shooters and collectors and provide the kind of service I’ve always looked for from a firearms dealer.

My main stock concentrates on military rifles both section 1 (Firearms Certificate required) and obsolete calibre section 58 (2) although I carry firearms of all kinds as my inventory is constantly changing.

Having an interest in old guns has invariably lead to an interest in hand loading as this is almost a necessity in getting fine old rifles to perform at their best. In addition to being a habitual hand loader I also enjoy casting my own bullets or boolits as cast are beginning to be called to identify them from their metal jacketed offspring.

Therefore many of the products listed here are those which I personally have found to be good and use myself, therefore I can honestly recommend them to you.

‘Me and some Sniders’

Most of my ancillary stock is hard to get stuff that is not generally available as  mainstream volume products . I do supply all makes of equipment, components and current firearms which are not advertised here and I am happy to get such items in to order, all I ask is that you give me the opportunity to give you a price and a delivery time.

I shall also from time to time be selling second hand reloading equipment as it comes through my hands. Over the years I have found that buying second hand is a very cost effective way of equiping your reloading bench with quality tools and kit. Especially when you have companies like RCBS who will stand behind there product regardless of its age and how many owners it has had.

A lot of my stock is sourced from the United States for obvious reasons and prices will fluctuate depending on the exchange rate at the time of my purchasing and bringing the item into the country, then there is the Parcel Force flat rate handling charge for not delivering your package of £8. Sorry but a personal peeve of mine.

‘Some of my stock at a recent Historic Arms Fair at the Imperial Meeting Bisley’

Along with the Pukka Bundhooks range the site also promotes other shooting related suppliers that specialise in complimentary areas.
Close Edge weapons have a fine range of bayonets, Cathedral Locksmiths carry the quality range of Bratton Sound gun safes as well as a comprehensive security service and Rising Sun Ordnance provide a wide selection of cast boolit designs.

I do hope that you enjoy looking at the site, bookmark it and visit often as it will be constantly updated. Feedback is also welcome and me and my associates look forward to doing business with you.

Best Regards

Adam Sutherland
Pukka Bundhooks