Stock lists of none firearms I’ve not had time to add to website yet.

LymanStainless Steel Dial caliperS/H unused£20.00
LymanPro scale 500S/H full working order£35.00
Lyman55 Powder measureS/H as new£50.00
Lyman55 classic black powder measureEx-display as new£150.00
HarrelPremium powder measureS/H excellent condition complete with drop tubes£185.00
ReddingMatch grade powder measureS/H excellent condition£110.00
ReynoldsThe Lee Enfield Rifle bookClassic reference book on the Lee Enfield now out of print. Good condition dust cover missing.£60.00
LeeNeck sizing collet dieNew in box .30-06 calibre. Collet die only.£20.50
LeeNeck sizing collet dieNew in box .308 Win calibre. Collet die only.£20.50
LeeNeck sizing collet dieNew in box .6.5x55 calibre. Collet die only.£20.50
MTMAmmo CanNew. Robust hinged box for ammunition and shooting accessories.£15.00
MTMTool BoxNew. Handy little Tool Box with internal dividers and removable tray. L7.8”.
H4.7”. W4.5”
MTMJag BoxNew Compact compartmentalised box for holding cleaning jags and similar items£3.00
Hornady6.5 x 54 MS Die set.New in box. New dimension Series IV speciality die set.£80.00
HornadyUnique Case LubeHigh quality case lube that I’ve found to be as good as Imperial wax at a lot less cost for more.£5.50
Mountain & Sowden.455” Webley Mk11 cases50 cases unfired£40.00
Thompson CentreContender Hammer extensionNew£15.00
CHPress mounted collet bullet pullerS/H very good condition, boxed, with . 357 calibre collet.£20.00
Parker HaleRoll Off scope mountsNew in Box. Scarce ¾” rings.£15.00
ProshotBronze brushDouble ended toothbrush style cleaning brush£3.15
Pukka BundhooksMagic Mould lubeQuality high temperature lube for mould blocks. Use very sparingly on alignment pins, sprue plate and top of mould.
Prevents chafing, binding and smearing of the sprue plate. 4floz bottle.
Pukka BundhooksGround Walnut Tumbling MediaUltra fine tumbling media that won't clog flash holes and is the best cleaning grade I have used. 3lb bags.£6.00
Pukka BundhooksKapokGood quality Kapok, the best "organic" case filler there is. 2 oz packets. This goes a long way, even in large BP cartridges.£3.50
Redding No 1405 grain Balance beam scaleAnother fine scale almost new. Boxed S/H£55.00
MTMPatch catcherA very handy doofur for fitting over your muzzle that catches patches and solvent spray when cleaning you barrel for domestic bliss. New£8.00
HoppesBore SnakesExcellent quick clean pull throughs. Available in most calibres.£12.50
MTMCast Bullet BoxesExcellent MTM quality. 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2". Handy for bullets and many other uses. New packs of 2.£2.50
ForsterCo-ax reloading pressUltimate reloading press with floating die facility. Complete with large and small handle, case jaws and priming fitments. Three Forster die lock rings also included S/H£350
ReddingUltra-mag reloading pressHigh leverage quality single station press good for case forming complete with large and small priming parts S/H£325
WamadetSingle stage pressClassic British made table mounted press. Leverage moves the die so no parts below the table level, can be used as an arbour press. Two available.£150
Wamadet/HelstonSingle stage pressAs above but assemble by Helston who too over the Wamadet parts when the company folded. Two available.£150
LymanOrange Crusher single stage press.Classic Lyman single stage press, new in box.£150
HornadyProjector progressive pressPrecursor to the LnL progressive this press is as new and comes complete with Hornady powder dispenser and automatic powder thrower linkage.£300
Savage"Straight 8" Model 730 single stage reloading press.Unique and rare Savage single stage "O" frame press dating from 1965. Boxed unused as new.£185