Hello and welcome to my new web site, thanks to Chris. I was struggling with the old site for a while now and this new one will hopefully mean that ’twill be slightly easier for me to upload content so hopefully it will show a bit more stock although time to photograph and edit the images will still be a big block to getting more stock on show.

Therefore what you see on here is but a sample of my ever changing stock as most stuff gets sold be fore it is ever shown on here so as always ring, email and arrange a visit to see what I have in.

I hope that you enjoy the new website and it lasts a bit longer than the last one, although I am told ten years is a long time in this damned digital world.

Anyone buying cutlery from this site will need to prove their age. If edged tools are being bought remotely then I will use parcel force age verification service for delivering the items. This will require the person at the door receiving the blades to show proof of their age.

Hi. Long time no post and I am sure you understand why, the great pestillence!

I am still trading during this time allbeit with restrictions, no access to the house or armoury but I have set up a covid safe system at the rear of business. I am also operating a call/email and collect service for non restricted items, stock levels are currently good and replenishment is steady.

EMAILS!!! The large email providers are doing their usual mal-practice and putting all non main players emails straight into people junk folders. As usual those rectitude bereft companies such as google, microsoft, yahoo and the rest of the cynical data stealers are causing people who choose not to use their monopolistic services grief.

I usually respond to all emails within 2-3 days so if you email me and don’t get a reply then check your junk/email folders as it has most likely been wilfully relegated there. If not then phone me as I do not deliberately ignore my customers!!

New in stock:- Browning BPCR 45-70, Original Trapdoor Springfield 45-70, Tabatiere (obsolete calibre) Springfield Krag rifle 30-40 Krag, Springfield 03-A3 30-06 rifle, Springfield 03 rifle 30-06 rifle. Forster Co-Ax press S/H, Redding Ultramag press S/H, Neco concentricity, wall thickness and run out gauge S/H.


A happy new year to all my customers.

Non firearm stock list is up to date with bargain priced presses added from Forster, Redding, Hornady, Wamadet, Lyman and Savage. Along with many other handloading equipment bargains. See here:


New stock added, G98, Survival rifle, Percussion Hawken, P14, Walther G22, BSA Famous 12. See here:

Good stocks of powder and primers, prices held. PPU ammunition sale still on see previous news. 7.62 x 54R Surplus back in stock Scorpio £120/300 rounds.


New stock added: Trapdoor Springfield, 310 Martini Cadet, Long Lee Metford, scoped K31.


New stock added: Swedish Mauser sniper rifle M41/B, Martini Cadet, Rossi underlever and BP revolvers


Ammunition clearance limited stocks when its gone it gone so fill your boots whilst you can!
PPU 7.62x54R FMJBT 182 gn £65/100.
PPU 8mm Mauser Match FMJBT 198gn £80/100.
PPU 303 174Gn FMJBT £68/100.
PPU 30-06 150gn FMJ £65/100.

New Stock in:-

Springfield 03-A3, Mauser K98, BSA Famous 12, Winchester P14 “Weedon”, Mosin Nagant M44, Rossi .44 magnun, P14 Target rifles.


Magtech .22 RF ammunition in stock @ £5.75/100.

Tenex, Blaser, Standard, Minimag all in stock at last years prices.

S&B primers in stock £27/1000.

Magtech primers in stock £35/1000. Murom rifle and pistol Primers in stock from £32/100 for SR to £37/1000 for LR


New firearms stock added, Enfields, Mausers, Remingtons, Rossi, Rugers and much more!

.22 rf ammunition in stock.

Eley Tenex £20/100

CCI Blaser £6.50/100

CCI Standard £8/100

CCI Mini Mag £10/100 

C2R copper and carbon fouling bore cleaner back in stock.