Postage Charges

All non restricted parcels will now cost a flat rate of £7.50

Due to the deterioration of the Post Office service since privitisation I have been forced to come to the decision not to use the Post Office parcel service. Life is too short to be spent dealing with poorly trained and motivated counter staff that makes any counter transaction a sore and lengthy trial, that combined with an alarming increase in missing, lost and undelivered parcels means that from now on all non retricted items will be sent Parcel Force 24 hour. 

This service has its own limitations, firstly cost. All non restricted parcels will cost a flat rate of £7.50 however this is up to 66 lbs weigh, this rate applies to Wales, England and the central belt of Scotland. 

Secondly Parcel Force see fit to discriminate against those living in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland by more than doubling the cost of sending parcels there. If customers from there want to pay the extra then I will be happy to post to you. Email or ring me for a quote. I regularly travel the A9 from Durham to Sutherland so orders can be carried then and collected from me on route as many of my Scottish customers do arleady. This service is at no cost.