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I am now hosting links to other gun and shooting web sites and products that I feel offer something a little bit different to the discerning shooter, filling niche needs not met by mainstream companies.

These people are based in the UK delivering home grown products and services, so that it itself is a strong reason to look further.
I use their products and personally attest to their workmanship, service and approachability. I recommend them to you with confidence. They fit well with the Pukka Bundhooks ethos of service to the customer, quality products, with the added value of knowledge and experience.



This is the home of David Bonwick, perhaps better known to some of you as Ovenpaa on the Full-Bore UK forum.  David’s interest, as well as all things shooting, is long range target rifle shooting and he likes to make tools and hand loading aids to very high tolerances. His site lists all his products and is well worth a read just to get his thinking and improvements to existing handloading tools.

The Target Master Powder Trickler


This is the brain child of Allan Edwards conceived to meet the needs of pistol shooters in the mid 1980’s before the outrageous pistol. This piece of kit has stood the test of time and nearly 30 years later it shakes a stick at the “new” dispensers from the big names. Here is a brief review of the Target Master I did for the Full-Bore UK forum.

In praise of the Target Master Powder Trickler

Useful Links

The following are links to some of my favourite shooting related sites on the web. These obviously reflect my interests and where I spend my online time. If you haven’t visited them before I do hope that you enjoy them and find them useful.

Cast Pics
Best online Cast Bullet resource.

This online evolution of the Historic Arms Resource Centre is supported by the NRA and the NSRA. It is one of the most amazing collections of information on the history of small bore or miniature rifle shooting. It is still being added to and is an invaluable resource for all those who are interested in the history and practice of miniature rifle shooting in the UK.
With all the hi-tech and hi-cost kit needed to be competitive in 21st century target shooting. It is nice to look back on a more sedate and relaxed age and shoot all those old rifles again in the spirit of the original by entering in the well run HARC winter leagues.

The Historic Breechloading Smallarms Association is one of the UKs most well established research and shooting organizations. Originally founded for researchers and collectors in the field it runs a series of lectures throughout the year, publishes a quarterly bulletin and annual Journal as well as running a programme of shooting practices and competitions.

Full-Bore UK


This forum was set up in October 2010 to met the needs of UK shooters and develop into a uniquely British flavoured forum. It aims to become the UKs No1 Shooting forum. It is well run and is growing fast covering a wide range of shooting interests with a knowledgable and friendly membership that are please to share. Sign in, log on and get stuck in.